Bags To School

Cutting edge backpack technology in high performance mountaineering gear allows mountaineers to carry heavy loads in unfriendly environments for long hiking trips. Imagine applying the same technology to build the perfect school bag to protect your child’s back.

The design of ergobag incorporates the latest innovation from Germany in trekking backpacks technology with all the practical details expected in a school bag.

ergobag sits comfortably tight on the body:  The padded waist strap hugs the hips and can be optimally adjusted even to children of a slight build. Much of the weight is shifted from the shoulders to the more stable and stronger hip area, reducing the stress on the shoulder muscles and the spine. The adjustable chest strap is comfortable and prevents the bag from swinging sideways when energetic children rush home after school.


"Affenzahn" means "monkey's tooth" or "fast like a monkey" in German. Watch your kids looking irresistibly cute with an Affenzahn backpack, fast on the move... just like an affenzahn. It's spacious enough for a water bottle, lunchbox and a change of clothes. For added road safety, it has reflective materials on both sides, front and back.