Nourish Conditioner 500ml

What it is:

It is naturally derived and deep moisturising. It adds strength and vitality to young hair. It contains no artificial preservative, colouring or fragrance, is proudly readily bio-degradable and waterway friendly.

Is recommended for:

• delicate, fine hair that becomes easily tangled

• delicate and sensitive skin

• naturally curly, ultra fine textured hair

• coarse, unruly hair

• normal, oily or dry scalps

• itchy or scaly scalps

• help to make hair unattractive for head lice

• children over three years old


• Cleanses with 100% pure essential oils

• Adds strength to fine, brittle hair

• Gently cleanses curly hair to prevent frizzies

• Assists in the prevention of dry hair and scalp

• Easy combing after shampooing

• Artificial preservative, artificial fragrance and artificial colouring free

• >97% plant derived, organically certified and/or wild harvested ingredients

• Readily biodegradable

• Natural plant moisturisers and Wheat Peptides

• Waterway friendly

• Natural “dry-cleaning” system not a detergent system

• Smells nice to us but not nice for head lice

What it does:

Rich in fortifying wheat proteins to feed growing hair, it contains plant-derived moisturisers that naturally bind and sustain moisture and nourish away knots and tangles.

Gentle organically certified Wheat Peptides soothe sensitive scalps and re-balance the natural protective mantle of the skin. It is incredibly effective as a detangler and promotes a healthy shine

eco.kid's essential oils:

• contain natural terpenes and hydrocarbons which assist in rinsing excess conditioner from the hair, which leaves the hair and scalp with a freshness unparalleled by normal conditioning products

• release pure fumes from the hair and scalp which help make hair unattractive for head lice but smell wonderful to us all day long

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