TLC Hair and Body Wash 500ml

What it is:

TLC is a gentle plant derived ‘no tears’ cleansing solution for the hair and body that has been formulated for hyper-sensitive skin. One of the key reasons that this product is so gentle on delicate skin is that it contains ingredients which match the oils and amino acids found naturally in the skin.

Is recommended for:

• delicate, fine hair that becomes easily tangled

• naturally curly, coarse textured hair

• coarse, unruly hair

• normal, oily or dry skin and scalps

• sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis

• maximum anti-itch formula

• maximum anti-irritation formula

• daily use

• children and adults of any age

What it does:

TLC gently cleanses the hair and body without damaging the sensitive balance of natural oils on the skin. In addition, it is loaded with hydrating moisturisers to deliver a lasting boost of moisture to dehydrated scalps and skin.

It is ideally suited for all skin types and is particularly effective on cleansing and soothing irritated or dry skin types.

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