Georges Swimmers Shampoo

About George

My name is George and I live in Dover, the “lock and key” to my country. We are the closest point between my country and Continental Europe – only 21 miles! My town is famous for our White Cliffs that can be seen all the way from France! We also look over the English Channel, the span of sea between my country and France. I like to swim in the waters by my town. People come to my town from all over the world to swim. I want to swim to France when I get older. The sea gets cold on the long swim, so people cover themselves in grease to stay warm! In 1988 the youngest person to swim across the channel was Thomas Gregory, when he was only 11. Since then, they have set an age limit of 16 for solo swims, but when I turn 12, I can swim the channel in a relay with other people! Do you know where I live?


Swimmers' Shampoo

Deep cleansing and clarifying shampoo - Gets out the green caused by minerals and chlorine - Contains Wheat Proteins, Panthenol, Vitamin E and extracts of Banana, Kiwi, Guava and Aloe Leaf

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