Bonitas Banana Conditioner

About Bonita

My name is Bonita and my country has the nickname “Banana Republic” due to the large amount of bananas exported worldwide. Some of the first inhabitants of my country were the Mayans, who used a written language that used pictures instead of letters and numbers. The Mayans have been called “the Greeks of the New World” because of their fantastic achievements in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, language and the arts. One of the most popular tourist attractions in my country is the Copán ruins. It isn’t the largest Mayan city, but it is known for its majestic pyramids and beautiful carvings and sculptures. In 800 A.D., Copán was the center of the Mayan empire!


Rinse-out Conditioner

Recommended for hair that tangles easily - Daily rinse-out moisturizing conditioner - Tames unmanageable hair leaving it smooth and shiny - Adds pliability, strength and moisture - Recommended for hair that tangles easily

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