Bonitas Banana Detangler

About Bonita

My name is Bonita. I live in the second largest country in Central America. Tegucigalpa, which means Silver Mountain, is our capital city. Silver was discovered in my country in the 1500s and is still mined today. The famous explorer Christopher Columbus set foot on the American mainland for the first time in the northern part of my country. He named our country after the deep waters surrounding our coastline. The ocean is full of many kinds of sea life, including conchs. A conch is a sea creature that lives in a shell. One of my brothers is learning how to play a conch-shell horn! Music and dance are very popular in my country. I take dance classes with my sisters and some of my friends. We dance to live musicians playing drums and guitars, but we don’t dance to the conch-shell horn. Do you know where I live?



Recommended for all hair types - Quick and easy solution to maintain hair manageability - Excellent on wet or dry hair - Leaves hair static-free - Increases curl resiliency, manageability and shine - Helps prevent brittleness and breakage - Rich in Panthenol to moisturize, nourish and give sheen

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