Our star backpacks combine the principle of innovative trekking backpackswith everything required of a school bag. All ergobag school backpacks follow the principle of optimal load distribution, a principle used by professional hikers for years. The school backpack sits comfortably tight on the body.

The back panel (5) is stabilized by two ergonomic aluminum rails. It is adjustable to the back length (4) of the student. The waist flaps stay where they belong: at the waist. This is important in order to take the strain off the back and to shift the weight.

The chest strap (3) is also adjustable to the height of the student. It helps position the shoulder straps comfortably.

Customizable to the individual: the ergobag adjusts to the child’s height up to 145 cm, while the satch is adjustable up to 180 cm.

The ergonomic principle at glance

  1. Ergonomic aluminum rails
  2. Waist strap with padded flaps
  3. Height-adjustable chest strap
  4. Continuous adjustment to the length of the back
  5. Breathable back padding
  6. Innovative drawstring to compress the weight closer to the back

The satch by ergobag achieves compression through side straps.