Call Me Bubbles Bubble Bath 225ml

What it is:

A special blend of moisturizing oils and warm aromas creates a pure oasis of bubbles that bloom in your bath—a bubble bath formula of organically certified plant extracts… free from synthetics, artificial fragrances, colour and silicones.

Is recommended for:

• all skin types

• hypo-sensitive skin

• long luxurious soakings


• Adds strength and moisture to delicate, sensitive skin

• Contains pure vitamin C derived from Kakadu Plum & vitamin E as powerful anti-oxidants

• Assists in the prevention of dry and irritated skin

• Nourishes the skin to help prevent against rashes and other sensitive skin conditions

• Artificial colouring free, artificial fragrance free and silicone free

• >99% organically certified/pure plant essences

• Readily biodegradable

• Natural plant moisturisers and Wheat Peptides

• Waterway friendly

• Natural “plant based” cleansing system not a detergent system

What it does:

This is the ultimate bubbly potion for soaking from head to toe—nurturing and revitalising skin, body and senses. eco.kid's pure oils are a unique blend of ancient essences of Ylang-ylang, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Patchouli, combined with uniquely Australian oils of Rosalina, Broad-leaf Paperbark Gum and Lemon-scented Iron Bark Gum.

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