Chehns Mandarin Shampoo

About Chehn

My name is Chehn and in my country we write in characters, not letters. There are over 1,000 characters I have to learn! I like writing the word "Panda" because it is my favourite animal. Pandas are native to my country. Once, I got to feed bamboo to a panda at the zoo! I like to ride my bike with my family to the zoo. People in my country ride bikes everywhere. One day, I want to go ride my bike to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is the only man made structure that can be seen from outer space! It is almost 4,000 miles long and was built over 2,000 years ago by ancient emperors of my country. Do you know where I live?


Daily Shampoo

Recommended for fine to normal hair - Ideal for daily shampooing - Controls fly-away and static hair - Contains Wheat Proteins, Panthenol, Glycerin, Vitamin E and extracts of Lavender, Orange, Raspberry, Pineapple and Aloe Leaf

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