Hydrate Intense Conditioner 225ml

What it is:

Hydrate conditioning enhances curl, combats frizz and boosts shine on curly, dehydrated or wavy hair. Helps repair and re-moisturize damaged hair— infusing it anew with healthy movement, silkiness and shine.

Is recommended for:

• naturally curly, coarse textured hair

• coarse, unruly hair

• delicate and sensitive skin

• normal, oily, dry, itchy or scaly scalps

• children over three years old


• Contains 100% pure essential oils

• Adds strength to fine, brittle hair

• Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%

• Nourishes curly hair to prevent frizzies that lice love to use for transfer

• Contains natural wheat peptides to soothe the skin

• Assists in the prevention of dry hair and scalp

• Effortless combing and detangling

• Artificial preservative, artificial fragrance and artificial colouring free

• Plant derived, organically certified and/or wild harvested ingredients

• Readily biodegradable

• Natural plant moisturisers

• Waterway friendly

• Contains natural solvent plant oils to assist in cleaner rinsing

• Smells nice to us but not nice for head lice

What it does:

eco.kid’s exclusive plant infusion—a blend derived from organically certified ultra-marines, coconut fatty acids and guar bean, combined with curl fortifying nono-peptides from organically certified wheat— creates a smooth new surface on hair. Significantly reduces frizz and unwanted wave, helps prevent flyaways that lice love to use for transfer. Protects against surface damage from regular shampooing, heat styling and UV damage.

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