Rosas Raspberry Detangler

About Rosa

My name is Rosa and the capital of my country is Madrid. I don’t live near Madrid, but when I am older, I hope to travel there to perform Flamenco dancing! My family and I live in the southern part of my country in a village where all of the houses are painted white. The Moors built our houses 1,000 years ago! The Moors came to live in my country and built many beautiful things, including an ancient palace called Alhambra. The entire palace has a high wall around it with lookout towers to protect it from invaders! Do you know where I live?



Recommended for hair types - Quick and easy solution to maintain hair manageability - Excellent on wet or dry hair - Leaves hair static-free - Increases curl resiliency, manageability and shine - Helps prevent brittleness and breakage - Rich in Panthenol to moisturize, nourish and give sheen

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